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she confessed to purchase "pseudo base station" from the hands and send spam messages Xiaomou facts of the crime.January 14, 2014, Xiaomou was arrested in a district of Haidian in Xiaomou with, the police arrested buy "pseudo base station" equipment Chen, Jin XX, Lee and six people,air max 1, the seizure of "pseudo- base station "equipment six.Send spam messages 110,000 mobile phone users off the networkAccording to the prosecution allegations, between 2013 to 2014 in January Xiaomou in Fengtai,cheap oakley sunglasses, Chaoyang, Haidian, etc.,louboutin pas cher, to send spam messages by manipulating the pseudo base station equipment,oakley outlet store, resulting in 11 million mobile phone users communication interruption. In addition, Xiaomou also sells produce their own pseudo-base,giuseppe zanotti shoes, should be illegal business crime and destruction of public telecommunications facilities held criminally responsible.For the prosecution indicted on charges and basic facts, Xiaomou said he has no objection. The number of sales of the pseudo-base Xiaomou said he actually sold only six or seven units, not before the confession of more than 40 units. He sold a total of six or seven sets of pseudo-base, get about seven million gross.Prosecutor issued five copies of testimony confirmed it was indeed bought pseudo base from Xiaomou hands. In this regard, Xiaomou said he did not know the use of pseudo base station sends the information needs relevant departments for approval.
according to the relevant laws and regulations, Miss Li lost income may be required, the standard delay costs of judicial interpretation of the provisions. Of evidence, Miss Li fixed monthly income, if any,cheap giuseppe zanotti, of their monthly income certificate issued by the Company to, loss of working time is determined by proof issued by the hospital, such as hospital records, medical records and other medical advice.Xiaomou is an IT engineer, he used his expertise to save the pseudo-base since the sale, a net profit of 10,000 yuan, and is responsible for the "service", also continued to upgrade their machines. Yesterday morning, the 46-year-old defendant Xiaomou in Fengtai District Court for trial. Prosecutors accuse the alleged illegal business crime and destruction of public telecommunications facilities.Bulk SMS one day price 2000 yuanXiaomou 1988 was admitted to Beijing Normal University, Hubei back home after graduation became a secondary school teacher. Four years later, he was admitted to the graduate computer networks of China University of Geosciences,louboutin homme, after graduating as an engineer into the IT business. A few years later, he settled in Beijing to do so, married, his wife is an associate professor at a university in Beijing.2005, Xiaomou resign opened shop selling electronic products. In 2009, he found a number of ways to make money - mass advertising. So he spent thousands of dollars from Shenzhen to buy a first pseudo-base.
Tianjin and other places, sell high. In addition, some customers looking for him to repair broken equipment, in the process he had the idea of   ? elling their zanji. He put the machine apart, their learning, and quickly learned zanji.According Xiaomou confession, when sending text messages,escarpins louboutin soldes, mobile phone users will have a short-term impact nearby, no signal sustained tens of seconds. He also continued to upgrade their equipment, sending spam messages actually faster than the speed of the operator.October 29,oakley vault, 2013 in the afternoon, when traffic detachment Fengtai West Station in Fengtai District traffic police brigade CCB northeast corner of the street intersection on duty, found a silver Charade violation tail number limit line. Traffic police stopped the car and found a set of strange equipment on the back seat in the inspection process, just to ask the driver would see the car and ran away.The police investigation confirmed that this is a set of "pseudo-base." Police later arrested a fleeing female owner named Ma.
start sending spam messages. According to him, in addition to buying a pseudo station equipment, he will have to buy the operator's card, because only the card into the machine before they can send text messages,louboutin shoes, send a message to spend two cents per day, made up to one million pieces earn more than 200 yuan .January 2013, Xiaomou spend 120,000 yuan from Shanghai bought a new pseudo base station. He used QQ to advertise online, limited number of mass advertising, price 2000 yuan / day. After the online advertising business is good, there have been recruited customers, according to him, mostly real estate and selling invoices, put loan advertising.Since save pseudo base station saleAfter the online open market, since people keep looking Xiaomou buy pseudo base station equipment,toms outlet, between May and June 2013,christian louboutin outlet, he was cheap to buy equipment from Shanghai.
Forest Management, said a person in charge of the supermarket, which is now on the issue of compensation, actively communicate with Miss Lee.Forest Management acknowledged that happen,toms shoes outlet, really belongs to the employee's work due to mistakes in the supermarket, the supermarket is willing to bear the medical expenses related to Miss Lee, as lost income,cheap toms online, Forest Management,kids toms outlet, said the compensation was not reluctant,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, but the lack of evidence provided by Miss Li. "According to relevant regulations, Miss Lee injury still need to provide proof of identification of the hospital as well as the tax only in the case of complete procedures, we will within the limits prescribed by law,bottines femme, to bear the corresponding liability."In addition, the Forest Management also said that in order to avoid a similar situation from happening again,cheap giuseppe zanotti, the supermarket has stepped up training for employees, and set up near the durian Tips counter.Lawyers say The company is the evidence of proof of incomeDirector of Guangdong Datong Law Firm lawyer Zhu Yongping said the incident.


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